Friday, August 5, 2011

Home Canning Tomatoes

Here is a little pictorial of my latest canning project.  I  stewed  canned 20 lbs of tomatoes giving me 10 liters of canned goodness.  Join me Sunday at 9PM central for a how to on water bath canning.

 Step one - wash your produce.  Especially if store bought.  We got ours at a farmer's market.

 Step 2 - Get ready to peel your tomatoes - dunk in boiling water for about 1 min.  then set into cold water.  This will loosen the skins and make them easy to remove.

 Work slowly - only blanch as many as you can skin in a few minutes.  Don't let your food sit during processing.

 20 lbs of skinned & quartered tomatoes into the pot.  A couple cups of water and about an hour later, they will be ready to can.

 Jar, screw band, lid, magnetic lid lifter, jarlifter, canning funnel, and bubble remover / headspace guage.  The tools of the trade.  All tools have been well cleaned in hot soapy water and rinced with hot bleach water.

 Canning funnels make clean work of filling the jars.

 Checking the headspace for 1/2 inch.

 Wiping the rims clean is a very important step.  Anything on the rims will cause your seal to fail.

The magnetic wand gets the lids out of the hot water without the burns.

 Screw bands hold the lids in place during processing.

 My canner is quite small so I can only do 3 liters at a time.

 The recipe calls for 45 minute processing, but at just over 100 ft of altitude, I  added another 5 minutes.

The jars are left to cool for a day or so.  Check the seal by pushing a finger down on the center of the lid.  If there is any give then reprocess or use right away.

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  1. Hi Denob, going over through your post brings back familiar episodes from home. :) I used to live in the farm and I help my mom can tomatoes every summer. I used to skin boiled tomatoes. It was pretty tiring but it was such a fun time. Anyway, good luck and if you need any home canning tips, especially if you're going large scale. just check this link, it's very helpful: