Sunday, June 19, 2011

Special Offer For Over 20 Hours Of Great Survival & Preparedness Videos

If you couldn't make it to Dallas on Memorial Day weekend to catch the 2011 Survival & Preparedness Conference, here's your chance to get access to the “Virtual Conference” at a special price!  Instantly upon registration, you'll get your hands on over 20 hours of video from the conference, featuring top-level experts in the preparedness, self-reliance, and survival fields sharing their valuable knowledge and experience !

Through a special arrangement with the event organizers, I'm able to give our valued friends the opportunity to get instant access to the “Virtual Conference” at a one-time introductory price of only $49!  But they can't offer this entry-level price forever.  After midnight, June 24th, registration will quietly close to the public, at which time even more videos, materials and bonus content will be added, and when it opens back up again, the price will be much higher!

But as an early registrant, you will receive all upgrades and bonuses for the coming year at no additional cost!  You'll get instant access to this huge vault of valuable content and be able to refer to it again and again, as many times as you like!

Don't put it off too long, though...  I'm told that this offer will definitely end on June 24th and once that door is closed, it's closed for good!  So click my special link below and take advantage of this awesome deal before it's too late!

P.S., They also have a free “Virtual Exhibition Hall” where you can check out the exhibitors who were at the event!

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