Sunday, June 12, 2011

Progress at Last!

Wow, for the first time in a while, I feel like something actually got done.  The new shed was completed early Saturday and the balcony was built, complete with a brand new clothesline!  On top of that, the laundry area was divided for the second fridge, and all the storage boxes we have brought up are neatly stored away in the shed with room to spare.  Next weekend we will concentrate on moving up more stuff.  Here are some pics as promised.....

This is the shed platform, built from 2 x 6 treated lumber...I learned last time that the included aluminum frame is crap!

Here is the shed all assembled, stocked, and locked up.

One view of the balcony.

Here is a front on view...notice the clothesline?  Put up just in time for the rain! Figures!

We lost some shelf space, but that's ok...also, I noticed a small leak in the plumbing behind the that was repaired also.  The second fridge is going here as we won't be getting a dryer...thus the clothesline!

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