Friday, June 10, 2011

A Black Eye For Preppers

This was my post on the CPN today.  This story has really gotten me going, so here it is again.

This one really get my Irish up...
A prominent figure in the American prepper world has been arrested on kidnapping and gun charges.  Although, reportedly, the charges are being dropped, authorties had reason enough to detain this person for more than two weeks.  Was it a misunderstanding, mistake, or other explainable issue?  Maybe, but I find that gun charges usually stem from breaking gun laws...period.

So what does this mean for us law abiding preppers?  Well more of those strange looks and comments about being rednecks holed up in the woods with more canned beans and bullets than brains.  Preppers may once again have to hide their actions from the public as well as family & friends.  Those of us who try to bring more people into the prepping community will likely now have to scale down their teaching for fear of being labeled as dangerous.  Even if this arrest was later withdrawn, the damage is done.  Preppers all over the world have now been set back decades in their struggle for acceptance & understanding.

Whatever really happened with this arrest, one fact remains...police  had reason to detain this person.  Weather guilty or not, this person did SOMETHING to make police act.  This is unacceptable behavior.  If you own guns, and as a prepper, I believe you should, make sure you own them, store them, transport them, and use them legally.  If there is a shadow of doubt that you are not within the law, stop, inform yourself, and correct your actions as required.

The prepper community CAN NOT AFFORD another gun toting anti government activist running around giving us a bad name.

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