Thursday, May 5, 2011

Crunch Time In The Yard

This weekend, we hope to finish off all the painting and getting the inside of the house more move in ready. All that will be left is carpeting in the extension and the furniture can start coming in. On the outside, I hope to continue sorting out tools and cleaning up the yard. The old ford van will be taken for a test drive as we will soon be getting it ready to haul scraps to the dump and moving furniture up to the house. I will also see how the rain barrel worked as there has been plenty of rain this past week. What area of the yard that has been cleaned up is showing lots of rocks. There is good & bad with this as we want plenty of rocks for outdoor building projects like an outdoor cookstove/fireplace, retaining walls and such. The bad part is all the work needed to clear these rocks to make room for the garden. Speaking of the garden, we are getting down to the wire on that. We plan on planting in about two weeks and there is still no ground broken, much less cleaned up. Most of the front yard is covered in cedar and spruce brush that needs to be cleaned up. I think that will be my biggest priority this weekend. I promise to get some pics taken for next weeks progress report. Stay yuned folks, things are getting busy.

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