Thursday, May 12, 2011

43 Days & Counting

Holy cow...only 43days left till we pack up the truck!  This weekend we will again be concentrating on the inside.  Carpet to be laid in the extension, as well as baseboards,  and a little painting left to do.  We have started packing and planning the move.  Today I will visit the SAAQ to get the old Ford registered for the road and then get the insurance.  The plan is to drive it back to town next weekend and start moving things up in it every time we go.  A majority of our stuff will be moved on the weekend of May 27-29 as this is the last weekend you can rent a van in Quebec for a reasonable price.  Then, on June 24th, the 10' uhaul will carry us and the rest of our belongings to our new home in the more rent more city crap to deal with.  I can't wait to raise our kids in a better environment.  The weather is looking like rain again this weekend, so not much will get done outside.  The garden is really coming into question and will be going in late, if at all this year.  If I can't get the garden I have planned for in, then we will be going to the farmer's markets to buy bulk produce for putting up.  Not my first choice, but it may have to do.  See you all with the progress report next week.

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