Wednesday, April 20, 2011

71 Days & Counting

Well everyone, the last two weeks have been as uneventful as the lack of posts suggest. We have been ready to finish off the interior painting, but the spring weather has kept the humidity level way too high. Also, getting the yard cleaned up, has been hindered by freak snow storms with freezing rain mixed in just for fun. Hopefully, with a long weekend starting tomorrow night, we can get something done. For the most part, the snow is finally gone, save a few spots where the roof cleaning piled up and although there has been snow in the area this past week, I expect it to be pretty much gone when we get there. On top of the painting, the yard needs a good clean up. The burn barrel should be getting a lot of use soon. There is a lot of brush that needs to be cut up for kindling and small stuff to burn away. The firewood is pretty much gone and we heat with what has been cut down from live trees over the winter, which really doesn't burn that well so we have been using some artificial logs to go with it. We are anxious to get the garden dug up and there is an underground yellow jacket nest to deal with soon too. Well, I hope the ground thaws & dries really soon so that we can start to get things going. If we get something done outdoors this weekend, I'll be back in a few days with some pics. In the mean time, here is a view out the front door last week as the snow/freezing rain storm hit...

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