Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Format & Site Begins

So here we go...
A little over a year ago, my wife and I bought a little house in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec.  We were lucky enough to find a house that was not only abandoned, but in desperate need of sale.  We were able to buy the house for cash and renovate it to more fit our needs.  With four childrenn between us, we needed 2 more bedrooms to give us 3.  Also, there was plenty of work to be done to get the most use out of the overgrown 1/3 acre.  As of now, we have added a 12' x 15' extension for the teen boys, converted an office into another bedroom for our todler and baby, as well as lots of other renovations including lots of plaster & paint.  As of July 1st this year, our little house will become our permanent home, Taking us away from the city and back to a more simple life.

Some of the projects we have planned are installing vinyl siding on the whole house, expanding the overgrown bush into useable space, adding another storage shed, adding a walk in pantry off the kitchen, tearing into the lawn for an extensive garden.  I hope you will follow us as we live and learn a more secure, self reliant life.

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