Friday, March 11, 2011

New Format Coming

So here we go...
alright folks, when I started this blog, I wanted an informational site with plenty of how to's and what not.
This has proven to be too much to handle since I am a moderator on the Canadian Preppers Forum as well as the main contributing author on The Canadian Preppers Network blog.

Also, I will be moving my family to our country house we bought just over a year ago.  We have been very busy there with the addition of an extra bedroom and all the other renovations to make it livable.  So here is my idea...why not use the blog to show just how we are getting into prepping & getting more self reliant.  A sort of ongoing biography as we prep the house and get moved in then continue with how we move things along after that.

Very soon, this blog will go offline for a bit as  redesign the content.  The old posts already here will stay and new posts will be going up on a regular basis.  I am planning to have lots of pics and even a section for videos.  The posts should be about twice a week...once to explain what the plans are for the next project, then later, to show the results.

For those of you who want to continue following the more instructional blog posts, please check out one of the following links.....

Canadian Preppers Network Blog

Canadian Preppers Network Forum

Thanks all, and stay tuned for the new format.

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