Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Inexpensive Ideas For Your Gear

Having been camping since I was about a month old...and yes I have pictures to proove that...
I have learned a thing or two about the inexpensive accessories that make roughing it a little less rough.  I have become a fan of coghlan's camping accessories as they have been pretty well thought out and can be found at a reasonable price.  Many of these items can easily be fit into your BOB or car kit and will just plain make sense.

The first item is a folding camp stove with solid fuel tablets.  The tablets last long enough to heat soups or coffee, light easily, and wont leak in your pack like liquid fuels.  I used them while camping to make early morning coffee and loved it.  Fuel tablets can be bought seperately.

Why carry a big kitchen size can opener when one of these will do...ya, Iknow your multi tool/swiss army knife have one, but i've broken good knives getting into a can of tuna.
At the price being asked for these...carry 2 just in case.

Pots, pans and mugs get hot on an open fire or camp stove and the handles don't always stay is a nifty clamp on handle that fits any pot.

Sporks are all the rage now, but have you tried eating with one?  Let's face it, this little chow set takes next to no room and doesn't weigh enough to worry about either.

We have all been told to pack a tarp & 50/100/200 ft of paracord to build a shelter.  Forget it ! too bulky, too expensive.  For a temporary shelter at a great price use a tube tent.  No, they won't get you though a tough season of camping, but really, do they need to?

 For firewood cutting, a Sierra saw fits the bill.


Anyways, I think you are starting to get the idea.  For practicle accessories for your bob and car kits, you don't always need the newest, best, and most expensive gear.  These items are only meant to get you through a few days at most. So visit your nearest camping supply store and check out the accessory section.  You will be surpeised how much usefull gear you can get for your buck.

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  1. Great post! And yeah - my folks have some baby pics of me out camping too. :)