Thursday, March 10, 2011

Help Wanted

So here we go...

I need some opinions folks....
You see gardening season is almost upon us and it's time for me to do some planning.
I have no garden at the house yet....we just bought it last year.
My space is as follows...
Space 1 - 20' x 20' (with a 3' well cover near the middle)
Space 2 - 20' x 6' (on a slope)
Space 3 - 20' x 6' (above the slope)
Space 4 - 20' x 8' (another sloped section)

I already have the space laid out for corn and squash...
I willneed to plant...
Green Beans
Yellow Beans
Parsly root

What is the best way to plant to get the highest yeild....

Let's have your Ideas

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