Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where to Find Canadian Supplies

So here we go,

So many people ask me where to find their survival supplies without going south of the border.  The question is valid to a point.  Ordering supplies from the US can incur customs charges and headaches if you are importing foodstuffs.  However, even on a tiny budget, many items can be found locally, without even looking on the internet.

Don't forget about your local dollar store.  They all carry a wide variety of canned food at reasonable prices.  Containers are also abundant here...every size & shape you could want for little cash.  The kids will also enjoy crayons, coloring books, paints and all sorts of craft supplies.  Don't forget about candles, small oil lamps, fondue fuel, and cheap batteries.

Canadian Tire always has something on sale.  Check your flyers every week and choose at least 1 item.  Recently, I found  crank powered LED flashlights with AM/FM radio for $15.00 and picked up 2.  Speaking of checking flyers, don't overlook the supermarkets.  Often you will find canned goods, pasta, laundry soap, toilet paper and all sorts on sale.  Buy what you need for right now and add what you can afford to store away for later.

Almost every supermarket will discount goods when they are discontinued.  Recently I bought 20 bottles of shampoo and canned veggies for next to nothing, just because the store was not going to carry the brand any longer.  If you have a freezer (and probably a generator too) then buy the familly packs of meat when on sale and repack it into single use packages.  You can save a ton of money and feel more secure about the future at the same time.

Here in Quebec, the "Fripperies" or Salvation army will almost always have that kitchen gadget or maybe even canning supplies at great prices.  An even better deal is winter clothing.  Look through the selection and you will be sure to find something.  Everytime I go to one, I find something that makes me say "they don't make em like that anymore!"

So, unless you want to stock your pantry with #10 cans of TVP or dehydrated butter powder, look around your local stores and you will find almost everything you need.  Just remember, check your expiration dates, rotate & use your supplies, and buy a little at a time.

By the way, if you really do want the #10 cans try here www.bridensolutions.ca

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