Monday, November 29, 2010

Is a 3 day supply of food & water really enough?

So here we go,
On January 5th, 1998, freezing rain began to fall on eastern Canada and parts of New England.  Eighty hours later nearly 4 inches of ice had fallen on the region.  Power transmission towers buckled and collapsed under the weight of the ice.  Four million people were without power for days.  Three weeks later, seven hundred thousand people, mostly in rural areas were still without power.  In total, twenty eight people died, mostly from hypothermia and 945 people were injured. 
Milk processing plants were shut and ten million litres of milk were dumped.  Six hundred thousand people had to leave their homes with one hundred thousand holed up in shelters.  So much of the sugar maple trees were destroyed that the industry will take thirty to forty years to recover.  Price gouging went rampant as twentyfive cent candles sold for two dollars or more.
Two hundred communities in Quebec and fifty seven in Ontario declared emergencies as the army was called in to help restore power and canvas door to door.  Millions of trees fell or broke and many continue to succumb to the damaged cased for years to come.  Total cost of the 1998 ice storm - $5,410,184,000.

So really, do you think that a 3 day supply of food & water is really enough?

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